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Q & A for Port Yonder Press's 2018 Mary Hunter Austin Book Award

Do remember, there's enough darkness and sadness in the world -- we want your GOOD SPACES. We are "a journal of good spaces."

Q: When are submissions open for this award?
A: October 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

Q: What are your preferred genres for nonfiction?
A: Essay collections, prose poetry collections, nature writing, environment, focus on Midwest, Southwest, Plains states, Northwest, Deep South, Rocky or Appalachian Mountains culture (or any strongly place-based culture), woodswoman/woodsman (think Anne Labastille or Thoreau's Walden), hybrid works, cross-genre, etc. Lyric works especially welcome. 50 to 300 double-spaced pages.

NOTE: We consider "prose" poetry to be that which adheres to paragraph form rather than standard poetry forms. This is just our interpretation in an effort to distinguish prose poetry from other poetry forms.

Q: What about for fiction?
A:  Contemporary westerns, mountains culture, southern culture (or other place-based culture - see list above), mystery, spy, speculative fiction, hybrid works, cross-genre, etc. Lyric works especially welcome. 50 to 300 double-spaced pages.

Q: Are these the only genres you'll look at?
A: No, these are preferred, but we'll look at anything well-written that adheres to the rest of our considerations.

Q: Will you look at horror, erotica, and others with a maturer theme?
A: All work should be suitable for a wide audience. 

Q: Will you accept simultaneous submissions?
A: Absolutely, but do inform us if your work is chosen by another publisher before you hear back from us. Also, please do not contact us regarding the status of your manuscript. All submissions will be responded to within a month of the close of the submission period, most often sooner.

Q: Will you accept previously published or self-published works?
A: Absolutely no self-published works, please, and collections of previously published essays, short stories, or prose poetry are fine if the collection itself has not been previously published. 

Q: If my work is chosen by another publisher or I have to withdraw it for another reason, can I get a refund?
A: No, sorry. This is a contest. If you must withdraw, consider your entry fee as a donation to a worthy literary cause.

Q: Will you be able to comment on my manuscript?
A: In rare cases, we may, especially if it is close to our ideal, but in general, no, we can't guarantee comments.

Q: What does the award include?
A: Award includes print (and, most likely, Kindle) publication, $300, and 10 copies of the award-winning book. Additional author copies will be offered at a reduced rate. (All details subject to change with each new term.)

Q: Is there a reading fee?
A: Reading fee per submission is $20. Enter as many times as you like, but once we've declined a submission, we can't reconsider it at a later date.

Q: I tried to submit something and the link was not available during your reading period. What's going on?
A: ​Submissions close for a given month once 300 submissions have been received. The link will open again at the beginning of the following month. We suggest that you submit within the first two or three weeks of a reading month, in case we reach our quota early.

See the rest of the guidelines on our website.
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