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Lyric Essays and Prose Poetry ONLY, from 25 to 40 pages (5.5" x 8.5" page size). There is no reading fee. Submit as many times as you wish. If you send standard poetry, fiction, or other genres not included in "lyric essays and prose poetry," we'll of course have to decline it. Note that for our purposes, prose poetry has NO line breaks and is NOT in block form. It looks and reads like a normal paragraph of writing (like this one), but with the beautiful language of poetry.

Please know that we prefer nature-themed submissions, place-based submissions, and the like. We like hopeful, beautiful, and sculpted writing. Previously published sections (from journals) are fine; note name of journal and date published, but the whole should not have been previously published as one.

We may choose finalists, and if we do, will do so by April 15th. A winner will be chosen by early May or thereabouts. In the off-chance that none of the submissions fit our dynamic, we will forego a winner. 

If we choose your manuscript:

A letter of acceptance along with an author contract will be sent, and the expected general correspondence.

After the signed contract is returned, you will have a chance to look over the manuscript before the printing. 

Please have at least one book blurb written by a well-published writer, editor, or critic for the back cover.

You will be notified of typos we find, and an electronic proof will be sent to you for final approval before printing.

We will announce the book launch and promote it via our website and monthly update when first released, but you are responsible for any further promotion, marketing, and sales.

We will gladly let you know how many copies have sold when you ask, but please no more than once every 3 months.

Our publishing configuration does not pay royalties, but instead we will give you 10 free books and a 25% discount on copies you purchase through Eastern Iowa Review

We use print-on-demand for all our print copies (Lightning Source / Ingram). Lightning Source supports a CMYK color model and offers matte or glossy finish for covers, and cream or white pages for interiors. Ingram distributes to various vendors worldwide, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. We of course cannot predict or be responsible for pricing fluctuations on their sales channels, sales rankings, and availability issues from individual vendors. However, you and your friends will always be able to purchase books and journals directly from Eastern Iowa Review

If you like what you've read here, please do submit during our open reading period which ends on April 5th.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.