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(Because you probably haven't gone to our website first, it's all here:)

WE READ "BLIND." Please do NOT include your name on the Word document itself or on the title of the file or in the "Title" line submitted to Submittable. Identification on a piece of writing will disqualify the work. But do please put your information in the space on Submittable labeled "cover letter."

If you're submitting PROSE POETRY, scroll down and read #4.

We are primarily seeking lyric essays & prose poetry, though we'll also consider creative nonfiction. Please, no standard poetry, journalistic essays, book reviews, etc. If you've not read Annie Dillard, you may not have discovered the kind of lyricism we especially love. If you're not sure about a work or a topic, please send it anyway.

Send winter-themed submissions only. What we seek:

1. Some tie-in to the theme of "winter," though the connection may be understated or oblique. We welcome many interpretations of "winter."

2. Essays up to 1500 words each. Send up to three in the same document.


4. Prose poems up to 250 words each. Send up to three in the same document. NOTE: We consider a prose poem to be like a paragraph of text. That is, NO line breaks at all and no block text. No slashes, no extra spaces, etc. Your prose poem should look like a paragraph of text you'd find in a book or newspaper BUT it should sound poetic and be tight and surprising in the language. No journal entries, please. No standard narrative-speak. It must be poetic in sound, prose in form.

5. Only submit in one genre at a time until you hear back from us. That is, one to three pieces of flash nonfiction in one document OR one to three prose poems in one document.

6. No reading fee. No payment this time for accepted work except for the Editor's Choice Award which will be announced in March or April. Award will be $50. Editor's Choice Award winner must have a Paypal account to accept payment. If you submit work and it's chosen, yet you don't have a Paypal account, you forfeit payment. Please be aware of this. You will also have the option to donate the prize back to us. We don't expect it, yet of course we always appreciate these types of donations.

7. Submit as many times as you wish, but only after you've heard back from us.

8. As always, work must be smart, preferably lyrical, and geared toward a wide audience.

9. Send material in its final form, as we cannot allow substantial changes once we receive your work. We will edit to catch small things you may have missed, then we'll send the edits for your approval.

10. Submitted artwork should follow our theme of "winter." Up to 6 works at a time. We will accept photography for this issue.

11. Please give us six weeks or so to review and respond to your submission, though generally we hope to reply much sooner.

12. Our speedy reply donation option will be available during this time. ("Speedy reply" is a simple "yes" or "no" in 15 days or less, usually without further comment. We always accept and greatly appreciate donations.)

13. We read BLIND. No author name or address on the manuscript or file name. The Title space on Submittable should only contain the title of the work. Your name and bio goes in the box marked Cover Letter on your Submittable submission form

14. All submitted material should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced because this is the industry standard, and it's easy to read.

15. What to avoid: anything not geared toward a wide-audience focus, though the material should still be smart, mature, and not dumbed-down at all.

16. If it helps you decide what to send, please know that we enjoy short, pithy, language-driven work that makes sense. We love beauty and lyricism.

17. We reserve the right to edit an author's bio for whatever reason.

GENERAL INFORMATION (and far too much of it; hopefully it's helpful)​​

  • Most journals and reviews want a story; we want magic in the language & fire in the flow, a show to impress over drama to incite. Please stretch your lyrical wings. Give us the beautiful, the musical, even the odd & quirky. Think Annie Dillard meets Gertrude Stein, but make sure it makes sense. Be beautifully free.

  • Free general submissions during our reading weeks, except for our speedy reply option.

  • All stories must appeal to a broad audience. Do feel free to delve into the tougher subjects, only do so carefully. 

  • Accepted contributors will be required to sign an author's agreement.

    Miscellaneous Facts

    Simultaneous submissions are fine but as per usual please let us know immediately if you receive an acceptance before you hear back from us, as is customary.

    We do not favor reprints unless it's a piece that meets our requirements above and has been published in a well-known literary venue.

    Any writer from any country in the world is welcome to submit work in English.

    Include a short third person, 50-75 word, bio in the Cover Letter space on the Submittable form.

    This will be an online-only issue; accepted work will be posted online either month-by-month or all at once, TBD. Select work may be included in a future print anthology.

    Our final decisions will be based on work quality and current needs (though we may occasionally solicit work). That being said, we eschew favoritism in all its insidious forms.

    Submissions may be nominated for the Pushcart award, Best of the Net, Best American Essays, etc.

    Please do not ask about a free submission until at least 3 months have passed.  
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.