$50.00 USD

Send up to 1500 words of either nonfiction or fiction, or one prose poem. Managing editor Chila Woychik will give you a line by line critique, offer suggestions, and welcome questions. 

This is not a call for submissions, merely an offer of a thorough line edit. These pieces will not be considered for publication at this time, though if you wish to submit them at a future open reading period, you'll be welcome to do so. Do realize however that we may well have to decline the piece, as having it edited here is no guarantee of future acceptance.

Send only one piece up to 1500 words. If you wish to send another piece, you'll have to submit another form and pay the editing fee again.

Do remember that Chila's emphasis is on language, first and foremost, and story secondly, though a combination of the two is ideal. Beautiful language first -- this will be her primary interest. If this isn't what you're aiming for, please do not submit your work.

She will use Word doc tracking for her comments, suggestions, overall summary.

Timeline is 3 months. Please do not query until then.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.