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Eastern Iowa Review

Ends on September 30, 2017
Do not include identifying information on the uploaded document itself, the file name, or the Title space on Submittable. Include your personal info only in Submittable's cover letter/bio area.

Use standard submission formats:
One poem per page for poetry, single-spaced.
12 pt Times New Roman font & double spacing for prose. 


While we'll look at generic topics, we'd especially like to focus in on the theme of The SmartApocalypse: Intelligent Stories of a Real End Time. This 
​will be an online-only issue. Submissions will open July 1st and remain open until the end of September. Stories must be family-friendly, but that doesn't mean they should be child-soft.

​If addressing a possible apocalypse, or post-apocalyptic scenario, be as realistic and grim as you need to be but do remember your audience. Clean humor and hope is very much welcome. Also, excessive violence will be frowned upon if we deem it gratuitous; instead, paint pictures as urgent as those we see in popular shows like The Walking Dead, Revolution, Falling Skies & Survivors - a few favorites; in books, consider The Road. Please address any or all of these elements: geographical, cultural, biological, relational, etc. The thing that makes the aforementioned shows/book compelling is the relationships. Talk about your bunker or special hideaway, your rations, your medical concerns, your personal doomsday checklist, your weapons, the sky, the state of the roads, whatever you can dream up about an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic scenario. Religious references welcome (because we believe people will be searching for something during that time), but no preaching, please, and no Bible-banging. Zombies? If you can make them believable. Pets? Fear? Roving bands? Glimpses of hope? Sure, with depth. What about climate change or the extinction of the pollinators? GMO seeds & chemical abuse. Rising cancer rates. Antibiotic resistance. Or maybe go the other way and show us how you'll be part of the solution, if indeed a solution might exist. Surprise us!

Don't name political entities (as in real names of real people), but you can surely address current and future political decisions, environmental happenings ("When the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2017 ..."). Get creative. Address cultural factors. Bring in news and future news. Let's see depth of inquiry.

We are craving the unique, the wild, and the unexpected.

​Flash prose up to 1000 words, or longer pieces up to 10,000 words. Any writing style: literary, genre, lyric, etc. No line limit on poetry. 
Check out the wikiHow link. Or this primer at Deviant Art for suggestions on the apocalyptic theme. For the time being, we're setting a limit of online pieces for this issue to a combined total of 10: fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and we'll be looking for the best, most polished, engaging, and realistic pieces that come in. We would also love to receive an appropriate cover painting or drawing to use online, and possibly other artwork or photography. Pay is a good credit in EIR, and one $50 Editor's Choice award to one submitter. 

No previously published work. We will require you to sign an author's agreement.


While no longer a member of CLMP, we strive to achieve a similar level of ethical standards: " connect writers and readers by publishing exceptional writing. We believe that intent to act ethically, clarity of guidelines, and transparency of process form the foundation of an ethical contest. To that end, we agree to 1) conduct our contests as ethically as possible and to address any unethical behavior on the part of our readers, judges, or editors; 2) to provide clear and specific contest guidelines—defining conflict of interest for all parties involved; and 3) to make the mechanics of our selection process available to the public. This Code recognizes that different contest models produce different results, but that each model can be run ethically."

Further, as is often the case with CLMP journals and presses, Eastern Iowa Review uses a blind judging system to arrive at writing acceptances and contest winners. This is how we do it:

1.    We accept submissions via Submittable and use its tools to ensure that all identifying information is hidden from our readers throughout the selections process.

2.    We ask entrants not to include their names or contact information within the document they upload to Submittable or its title; those who neglect this requirement will be disqualified.

3.   Close friends, relatives, students, and former students of the readers/judges, are excluded from the submissions/contest. If any of the selected authors fall under these categories they will be disqualified, and a replacement will be chosen from among the finalists. Anyone wondering if they might be a “close friend” probably is. It seems silly to define friendship, but for our purposes, we'll call a “close friend” anyone with whom we have direct and regular correspondence (either written or verbal). And please remember that if a written work is recognizable to the judge, it will be disqualified.
Edited for all work submitted after 7/18/17: $3.50 will get your work read in 30 days (or less). THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OUR CONTEST ENTRIES.  Contest entries must use the category designed for that. Neither does this donation guarantee acceptance or an indepth reply/comments or any comments at all for that matter. Much will depend on our workload, but do realize that every donation is very much appreciated!

Please read our full website guidelines before submitting:

WE READ "BLIND" - No identifying information on submissions, please, or we'll have to decline it, even if you've paid the expedited reading fee. (Do, however, be sure to include your information on the Submittable block labelled "cover letter.") Also, save yourself some money by realizing that all submissions must be suitable for a wide audience (family-friendly).