We are closed to submissions until March 1st.

PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before you submit your work to this or any journal. 

FICTION - Year around

What to avoid: anything not geared toward a wide-audience focus.

If it helps you decide what to send, please know that we enjoy short, pithy, language-driven work that makes sense. We love beauty and lyricism.

It would probably be helpful if you read our website pages on the lyric essay & the prose poem before submitting. These are unique genres, and very different from generic nonfiction or standard poetry. The lyric essays and prose poems we enjoy most are focused on language: turns of phrase, surprise, an Anne Carsonesque appeal.  

We read BLIND. No author name or address on the manuscript or file name. The Title space on Submittable should only contain the title of the work. Your name and bio goes in the blank marked Cover Letter. All submitted material should be in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced.

We can be very quick with our replies, sometimes within just a few days, but up to three months or more for other work.

We reserve the right to edit an author's bio to tailor it to our audience focus.

Further, we attempt to better show you what we like via our occasional newsletter. Simply check the box at the end of the submission category when you submit if you'd like to receive that.
Coming soon:  "Best Lyric Prose Plus" print anthology - Top selections from Issues 1 - 6

As the journal adage goes, "Remember to always send us your very best!"

Best wishes and thank you for including us in your list of possible publication credits.
Eastern Iowa Review