PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before you submit your work to this or any journal. Seriously. You're wasting our time & money with each piece we have to decline due to identifying information or disqualifying features (swearing, sexual content), and that makes us a little sad.

Further, we attempt to better show you what we like via our monthly (or more frequent) newsletter. Simply check the box at the end of the submission category when you submit if you'd like to receive that. We promise not to fill it with fluff, but with helpful information and examples.

Ordering a copy of last year's issue never hurts. Though the selections from Issue 2 include both hybrid and experimental as well as lyric essays, you'll get a feel for what we're looking for this year re: lyric essays. And the $8 - which includes the shipping price to US addresses - is really quite a steal. Please order right off our website here: We also have online samples there for you to read.

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Eastern Iowa Review

We read BLIND. No identifying information on submission itself, the title of the document, or on the title added to Submittable. We will have to decline any submission that doesn't adhere to this request. But do please put your information in the space on Submittable for the cover letter.

2000 to 10,000 words of a longform lyric essay only. No personal essays, generic creative nonfiction, etc. DOUBLE SPACE your submission.

This submission may include a compilation of shorter lyric essays with some connecting thread, original or previously published lyric essays (as long as the compilation itself has never been published), or one original long lyric essay. The form should take that of an essay, not a poem or prose poem. Feel free to use white space. 

For reference, our favorite longform lyric essayists are Annie Dillard, Judith Kitchen, Ellen Meloy, Anne Carlson, Susan Sontag. Your work must sing, not simply narrate. For more specifics, visit our page on the lyric essay.

Submit as many times as you wish but wait until you hear back from us before sending more. No reading fee.

Grand prize winner will receive $250 and 3 copies of the issue in which their longform essay appears. An honorable mention may be chosen and will receive a $50 honorarium and 3 copies of the issue in which their essay appears.

All submissions must be suitable for a wide audience (family-friendly).
WE READ "BLIND." Please do NOT include your name on your essay itself or on the title of the essay file or in the "Title" line submitted to Submittable. Identification on an essay will disqualify the work. But do please put your information in the space on Submittable for the cover letter.

Please read our page on the Lyric Essay before you submit.

Send one lyric essay from 500 to 1999 words long. Feel free to resubmit after you've heard back from us. DOUBLE SPACE your submission.

Read our complete website guidelines here:

Though the lyric essay is what we want, what we'll likely choose first, we'll also look at your long prose poem of at least 500 words, your piece of creative nonfiction, your hybrid or experimental work.

All submissions must be suitable for a wide audience (family-friendly).
We read BLIND. That means you must not have ANY identifying information on your submission: Not on the manuscript itself nor on the file name. We will have to decline all work that contains the author's name. But do please put your information in the space on Submittable for the cover letter. 

Odd Story - send us a singular piece of fiction in any genre as long as it's literary in style and family-friendly. Literary fantasy, literary science fiction, literary historical, literary mystery or thriller, literary contemporary fiction, etc. No erotica or horror. 500 to 5000 words. DOUBLE SPACE your submission.  Accepted author will receive a $50 honorarium plus 3 copies of the issue. [Edited:] We love forward movement as much as we love literary gymnastics, but a pleasing mix of both will win us over.

Remember, the story should not necessarily be odd in content but odd by virtue of the fact that it will be the only piece of fiction in a nonfiction journal. 

All submissions must be suitable for a wide audience (family-friendly).
Journal size is 8.25 x 8.25. We are only seeking black and white photos. All submissions should meet our family-friendly aesthetic.
Load up to 5 photos.

Ends in 5 days $3.50
$3.50 will get your work read in 15 days (or less) during our reading months, for Issue 3 - our lyric essay & literary fiction issue. (Issue 4 - TEN Debut Authors Only submission window has closed.) Please be aware that this donation does not, however, guarantee acceptance. It also cannot be used for art or photography.

Please read our full website guidelines before submitting:

WE READ "BLIND" - No identifying information on submissions, please, or we'll have to decline it, even if you've paid the expedited reading fee. (Do, however, be sure to include your information on the Submittable block labelled "cover letter.") Also, save yourself some money by realizing that all submissions must be suitable for a wide audience (family-friendly).
You can find the link for Issue 2 below - DO NOT TRY TO ORDER OFF THE SUBMITTABLE SITE; it cannot be done. You MUST use the link to our website below. Find the BUY NOW button there and click on it, use Paypal, and place the order on our website. No need to fill out the Submittable form either. Just use the link directly below.