PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before you submit your work to this or any journal. Seriously. You're wasting our time & money with each piece we have to decline due to identifying information or disqualifying features (swearing, sexual content), and that makes us a little sad.

Further, we attempt to better show you what we like via our monthly (or more frequent) newsletter. Simply check the box at the end of the submission category when you submit if you'd like to receive that. We promise not to fill it with fluff, but with helpful information and examples.

Ordering a copy of last year's issue never hurts. Though the selections from Issue 2 include both hybrid and experimental as well as lyric essays, you'll get a feel for what we're looking for this year re: lyric essays. And the $8 - which includes the shipping price to US addresses - is really quite a steal. Please order right off our website here: We also have online samples there for you to read.

Best wishes!
Eastern Iowa Review

You can find the link for Issue 2 below - DO NOT TRY TO ORDER OFF THE SUBMITTABLE SITE; it cannot be done. You MUST use the link to our website below. Find the BUY NOW button there and click on it, use Paypal, and place the order on our website. No need to fill out the Submittable form either. Just use the link directly below.